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Website tips, to make your website even more profitable

Website tips, to make your website even more profitable

So your website is up and running, but somehow the design seems to be falling short in producing concrete leads and closed sales.

What gives?

We provide you with 5 tips to get your website even more profitable: (more…)

Small Businesses – the heartbeat of a thriving economy.


So what is branding?

 Branding is a broad term and encompasses a range of ideas, but essentially it boils down to the image your clients visualise and the emotions they feel when they hear your business name.

Branding is different for every business and each is unique. Your branding will depend largely on your business type and your target market.  An informal bistro will have an relaxed, playful and entertaining feel about them, whilst an upcoming IT company’s brand will be more sophisticated and cutting edge.


Every school needs an online presence.


These days more and more parents (as well as students) have so many options available to them to further their education, that it becomes vitally important for any institution to have an online presence.

This presence should be professional and offer the visitors the information they need at their fingertips.

Parents want to know that they are making the best decision for their children’s future and investing in a school that will provide results.

Having an online presence that showcases text and imagery of the facilities available at the school, photos of your buildings and classrooms, sporting fields, community projects, photos of events and happy children and parents; gives the parents confidence in your school. It builds trust.


Is good design important for my website?

Is good design important for my website?

In short, the answer is YES, YES and YES!
It is the hard truth that most people’s first impression of your company, is your website.   If it’s not up to par, people assume your business hasn’t kept up with the times either.

94% of people cite that POOR DESIGN is the reason that they DO NOT TRUST certain websites!

So how do I make my website great?

Website developer vs Website builder

Website developer vs Website builder

We face a number of options, when choosing to design a website. Should we simply hire a website designer/developer and let him/her take care of all the work? Or should we build a website ourselves using a website builder?

If you’re having trouble choosing between hiring a website designer/developer and designing your own website, this article should assist you in solving this dilemma, but firstly, let’s cover the basics. (more…)

Website Navigation – KISS

When it comes to website navigation, the golden rule is to keep it simple – really simple.  If a potential customer comes to your website you want them to be able to find the necessary information within 2 minutes.  They should be able to have access to the most important information first and the peripheral information can be further down a page or a sub-menu. (more…)

Choosing a website name and booking it

Choosing a name for your website can sometimes be daunting, but if you keep these simple rules in mind the process will be an easy one. (more…)

Website Design: Pretty vs Profits

So you have your business model and you know what your marketing message is.  What now? The next step in the evolutionary cycle is the creation of your website. (more…)

2 elements every website should have

There are many factors that make a website great, but 2 of the most overlooked elements are often great content and good SEO. The value of these 2 elements working harmoniously together can lead to a wonderfully prosperous website. (more…)

Biggest mistakes in website design

There are many factors to keep in mind when designing a website. Sometimes in the vast scope of Web projects, however, some simple design mistakes inadvertently occur and may have a detrimental effect on website success. There are so many preventable errors that occur when creating new websites that listing them all would be impractical, but here are the design flaws seen over and over again on the Web. (more…)

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