5 hot branding tips to win you a Gold medal.

5 hot branding tips to win you a Gold medal.

With everyone talking about the Olympics 2016 and South Africans proudly posting glorious moments of Wayde van Niekerk racing down the 400m track, we thought it apt to send out 5 hot branding tips that will be sure to win you the Gold medal in the Branding event…

  1. Use imagery

When posting on social media, sending out emailers, presenting a presentation and in fact anything that you do to market your business, use IMAGES.  Relevant images speak a thousand words. In a day-and-age where people are pushed for time, this will help get your point across.


  1. Use your logo and brand identity

Use your logo and stick to your brand’s identity on everything you send out or post online.Having your logo displayed on all your marketing, sets a subliminal visual reminder in the minds of your customers as to who you are and what services you offer.


  1. Be consistent

If your brand is vibey, young and fun, don’t try to change it and go for a more corporate and serious feel in one of your marketing engagements.  This will confuse your clients and will make them unsure as to what the brand’s “feeling” is all about.  Stay consistent and your clients will appreciate what you bring to the table


  1. Develop a tagline

A tagline is that one little sentence that says everything about your business.  Our tagline is “Because Design makes THE difference”.  You can immediately see from that, that we are passionate about design and we know the difference it makes to a business.


  1. Display your website or contact details 

Wherever possible and space allows, display your contact details or a way for people to get in touch with you.  It’s all well and good that people see your brand and like what they see, but they need to know where to find you and how to get in touch.


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